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MINETTA TAVERN ... Corner of Macdougal Street and Minetta Lane . tel.  (212) 475-3850

Minetta Tavern is a great old joint that has seen the likes of Ernest Hemingway, EE Cummings, Bob Dylan and other famosu types pass through its doors over the years. This restaurant has a rich history of famous old-time boxers, literary and gliterati types over the years. It was a virtual ghost town for years, with not much business at all. Luckily its great old interior was intact when restuarant genius Keith McNally got his hands on it, spruced it up a bit, got a couple great chefs to turn out awesome Frnech Bistor Food, with a large lean towards Steaks, Burgers, Bone Marrow , and McNally's famous Pomme Frite started by the late great Chef Patrick Clarke at the ODEON way bacck in the early 80s. As with most of McNally's restaurants, Minetta Tavern quickly becam the hottest new place in town, garnering a celebrity well healed crowd that continues to this day. Minetta Tavern is one of thee best restaurant experiences in al of New York if you can affordd it. It's not cheap, but well worth the extra cash if you have it. 

Dishes : Steaks, Chops, Burgers, Bone Marrows, Pomme Frite and French Bistro Classics. Enjoy.


BAR PITTI  ... 270 Sixth Avenue, Greenwich Village, NY   212-982-3300

Does Not Except Credit Cards ...

BAR PITTI without question serves some of the Best Italian Food in all of New York City, not just Greenwich Village. They have a small menu but a good number of Daily Specials, which are usually the best things to eat. This place is Celebrity Central as the restaurant was spawned off of the once Hottest Celebrity Spot in Town in Da Silvano which had an almost great 40 year run before closing in 2016. Yes, bar Pitti gets the celebrity crowds and the food is some of the best Italian you can get. 

Best Dishes ... As we said, are the special, which often include ; Bolito di Manzo, fresh in season Punterelle, Paparadell with Wild Boar or Rabbit Ragu, Brised Oxtails, and Spaghetti Vongole (Clam Sauce), which is o the menu.


CORNER BISTRO ...  331 West 3rd Street, greenwich Village New York 212-242-9502

 The Corner Bistro remains one of the most venerated, celebrated burgers in New York City. I'm torn and I am so sorry to say, that like Serious Eats feels, the burger is not so good. It's hard for me to say this,as I started going there way back in 1985 when my friend Suwat first brought me there. For a long time and long before the Burger Craze of that started about 10 years ago, the Burger at Corner Bistro was considered the best in the city. Sadly, not only is it no where near being one of the best burgers in the city at all, but it is just not good, and as the people at Serious Eats say, the Burger at Corner Bistro is quite dissapointing, and it pains me to say this, but the truth is the truth, "the burger is not good at all." I first noticed this way back in about 2005, when I went there with some friends as we all loved the place, the burger, the vibe, the low prices. My Burger came, and it was not good at all and I was very dissapointed. I went again about 3 months later, and I was dissapointed again. I tried a few months later, and you guessed it, "Not Good."

Now if, your question is, why the hell do you have this place on a Best Restaurants of Greenwich Village list, and you don't even like the main and one of the few food items on its tiny menu of just the Burger, Fries, or Grilled Cheese Sandwich? Again, the place has sentimental value. I think the place the place is great and I've had so many good times there. The problem is the Burger S_cks. It's not good at all. I wish they would fix this. Buy higher quality meat, we'll gladly pay a few dollars more for a good burger, "Please." 

PS ... This place is still great, despite the burger, and it's for each individual to decide on their own.

That's all folks.

Serious Eats doesn't like it and says in the headline of their article about the burger "Is The CORNER BISTRO The Most Overrated BURGER in NYC ?"

This List To Be Continued  ....




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